Monday, December 20, 2010

Where to start?

I know, I know.  It's been forever since I have blogged.  But I have good reason.  First of all, I was innundated with English class essays and they demanded way too much time.  Sometimes I think I chose the wrong profession.  When you have sixty-six essays to grade and each essay runs anywhere from four-seven pages it becomes quite the daunting task.  Sometimes just getting started is the hardest part.  Are you seeing a pattern forming?  Yes, it's true that my blogging experience falls into the same category: difficult to get started.  I have done a lot of research though, and have played a lot on the web at the various web 2.0 tools.  I think I have found some fun 2.0 opportunities and I am looking forward to sharing them with you all.  Do you like how I say "you all" as if I am confident of my web audience. For all I know, I am blogging only to myself.  Or to a lonely cat with a computer.  But I guess that is the joy of blogging.  A delightful opportunity to share my thoughts, feelings, and web technologies to either a giantic world of hungry web-consumers...or a feline friend that spends all day lounging in the sun.  I guess time will tell. 


  1. I'll be the first comment on your blog, Steve! I was wondering if you could send me ( that facebook activity that you showed us a few classes back where you had your students fill out a facebook-like page for characters in a book. I would like to do a riff on this activity for my science class.


  2. Yes Steve, there is a Santa Clause. LOL I understand exactly what you are saying. There is lots of material out there and just deciding where to begin is one of the most difficult tasks. Keep plugging away at it and I'm sure that you will be successful.

  3. Oh Steve, maybe Moses can help grade?