Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Benefit of Blogging

     I never knew I would love blogging so much!  At the start of this project I was hesitant to begin, thinking that it would a pain to set up my blog.  However, with blogger it could not have been any easier.  I love the customizable widgets that you can choose from and the colorful templates as well.  It was so easy to create a personal blog without actually having to do much work.
    Over the duration of this project I have come to love blogging.  I find it very therapeutic to blog random thoughts and discoveries (I know I am late to the blogging crazy).  Just knowing that there are people out there to share you findings with is an interesting revelation.  It’s an amazing interconnectedness.  It’s not unlike facebook in that fashion but it somehow seems even more personal (can that be possible).  I think because with blogging you are able to find your voice in writing. It’s not small tweets or tiny quick updates on facebook from your phone, but instead it is your thoughts, fears, questions, and insecurities all written out for the world to see.  When you create a blog you have to find you voice all over again.  What kind of blogger will I be?  Will I be friendly and encouraging?  Cynical and jaded?  Helpful but aloof?  Should my blog be me or another version of me?  So many questions abound but so many answers lie in the act of blogging itself.  Who knew so much could be gained from typing with the hopes that someone is reading.  Who knew Doogie Howser would start a phenomenon?
     If you are interested in starting your own blog, I heavily recommend blogger or word press.  As I already stated, blogger is easy to use and it makes blogging quite simple (I have heard the same for wordpress).  If you are looking for helpful resources, I would recommend A Beginner's Guide to Blogging and How to Blog Effectively.  If you get started on a blog and have any questions feel free to drop me a line and ask any questions.  I'm off to grab some lunch and then maybe more blogging...


  1. Steve,
    I have blogged in the past and I think that the one difference that makes this blog seem more exciting is that people are commenting (somewhat for a grade, but still). Blogs, in my opinion are all about the comments. As an author, I need to see that people are reading or I generally lose interest quickly.

  2. @Sherri- Hmm, good point. I guess if I was blogging in a vacuum and did not have any feedback I may get discouraged too.

  3. I have been surprised that I liked blogging more than I expected as well. I do agree with Sherri that seeing comments make me think more about my posts and makes it worth it to know that others are reading your material. If no one every posted I think I would get a little discouraged.