Friday, January 13, 2012

A Controlled Vision...

I had an interesting talk with my principal today.  She was informing me that her single biggest vision for professional development for our school is still rubrics and helping teachers to use them more effectively.  While Keith and I have been moving forward with professional development with eportfolio and aspen training, it appears evident that some of our PD may end up revolving around rubrics.  The tricky thing I am learning about this internship is that it will ultimately have to involve my own passions but also the direction of my administration as well. If they have an interest that they want to pursue with the staff then my internship will have to change and adapt to fit that need.  When I was first going in to this internship I felt like it would have a lot of flexibility but the more I am getting into it the more I am realizing that there are many hands in the pot that will effect my internship and its course of action.

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