Monday, February 20, 2012

End in Sight...

Well, I can't believe I am writing this but I believe the end of my internship project is in sight.  Keith and I have been leading successful professional development for ePortfolio and will soon be leading sessions for the student Moodle.  While the professional development sessions and staff training will never be finished, it will be nice to close out this particular portion of my internship.  Once I have submitted it to David (hopefully this week or early next week) I can sit back and breathe for a minute.  I can't really wrap my head around the idea of being finished.  I mean, to think, that a weekend would pass and I would not have to plan professional development, work on my internship portfolio, blog about my experience, discuss development goals with my administration, or upload documents to my internship weebly sounds absolutely wrong.  But, what a relief it will be!  Looking back, this internship has been extremely rewarding!  I have enjoyed how it has changed my role at my school and allowed me to help lead my staff in professional development.  Also, it's given me more confidence to speak to my staff about emerging technologies and hopefully this internship has opened doors and paths to communication that will remain open for a long time.

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