Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Same Teaching, Different Technology....

     In talking with a colleague today, I was surprised by her definition of "embracing technology" in her classroom.  She informed me that she was doing a powerpoint presentation with the kids and how it was really so easy to incorporate technology into her classroom.  She went on to tell me that technology was exciting and that she loved powerpoint and thought it was a great way to really "get kids excited."  When I sugested that there might be better ways to "get the kids excited" she managed to simply nod her head and then change the subject.
     Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Really?!?  Using powerpoint to get kids excited about education.  Ummm, welcome to 1995. I'm sorry but it's attitudes like this that make it obvious to me why kids hate school.  We use technologyvin our classrooms in very weak, peripheral ways and expect the kids to congratulate us and be impressed because we used an outdated technology in our classroom.  What's worse is that many teachers who have adopted technology tools like powerpoint or LCD projectors in their classrooms have not actually changed the way they teach they just do hat they have always done with a technology overlay.  How can I use my internship to make teachers see that technology should change how we teach and how the kids learn.  It's not something to be added so we can check it off a list and say we did it.  If so, what's the point?

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