Saturday, January 1, 2011

Creating Your Twitter Account

     Alright, cyber friends- interested in creating your own twitter account?  Here is a great link from e-how that will help you get started.  Once you have created an account you can begin sharing your thoughts, feelings, questions, and life concerns with the masses.
     I actually took this time to make my very own account as well.  It could have not been any easier and truly only took a few minutes to complete.  Take a look at my what I created:

My first tweet!

     Now, before you go off and create your own twitter account and tweet up a storm, there is something to keep in mind.  Each tweet that you create cannot be larger than 140 characters in length.  This keeps to the true intent of twitter- a short message meant to inform or update.  It means that you have to be creative and find a way to condense your thoughts.
     As you begin to create your account here are a few other helpful resources I found on the web:
  • Search Twitter- This is a great site to be able to use key words to examine the plethora of converasations/tweets actively found on twitter.
  • Attracting Attention- For those more business-minded, this website points out how twitter can be a wonderful advertising campaign

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  1. So Steve you are now a member of the twitter community! Does that make you a twit? LOL :) I have been using twitter for a while now and I don't always keep up with it. Twitter is one of the micro blogs that I'm not sure I really use to it's full potential. Have you come up with any ideas for using it with your students?