Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm going to call on...

So, this next discovery is a little random, but really quite useful.  Now, this isn't exactly web 2.0 technology but I had to share anyway.  Do you ever have the feeling, as a teacher, that you always call on the same students?  Looking for a fun way to get everyone involved in the discussion?  Check out and their random name/ word picker.  You can type in the name of your students or upload from another document.

Add the names of the students from your class

Next, you can choose the template you want to use: typewriter or fruit machine.  Then, it will scroll through the list... 

Scrolling through your students

 and then randomly choose one of your students.

Viola!  You have your next student "voluntold" to read the next passage, answer a question, clean up the lab, or wash your car during their recess.  Again, this is not really a web 2.0 tool but it is a fun discovery nonetheless.  Hope you like it!


  1. Cute little slot machine... Whenever I put my students in random groups, I try to use playing cards to match them up.

  2. I like it Steve!!! I used to occasionally use popsicle sticks (someone else referred to them as equity sticks- sounds stupid to me though). I am going to check this out, and see if I can have multiple classes.

    Not to mention I'm always looking for a new way to assign DD! (outside of class though)

  3. I love this Steve. We use this all the time. We even use it to select staff memebers to win prizes. We do it on the morning announcements so the students and staff can see who won! They love it.

  4. Steve,

    I use this tool to help pick our "Star of the Week," and the kids love it! I think they realize that I am not choosing someone, that the computer it choosing it. Once we used it 3 times in a row, and the same child was chosen each time. They thought it was hilarious for some reason (I guess they are 9...). Awesome tool!