Sunday, January 2, 2011

Moodle Resources...

For those of you interested in Moodle, here's a great introduction video that tells you all about Moodle and its capabilities:

Other useful websites include:
  • Moodle Rooms- A helpful site for educators interested in the opportunities offered by Moodle
  • Moodle Help- Offers message boards and a help-community for those using Moodle

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  1. At first when I found out that we were using Moodle at Loyola, I was a bit apprehensive. A co-worker and I had been using Moodle about 5 years ago (shh, before the county approved it!), but I did not find it very user-friendly. The kids HATED it, but I think that may have been because they did not have an excuse NOT to get extra help any longer. The parents loved it!

    Moodle seems much more user-friendly now that we are using it, and it seems that many of its features have been changed or updated. I feel more comfortable with it now, and I am considering using it again next year in the classroom!